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Orange Parking is an integrated procedure in the Orange Button Suite and for paying parking with the use of the smartphone, any other mobile device, but also on the desktop, and therefore with the use of a normal computer.
This is due to the fact that the application is developed as a web-app allowing access from any type of device regardless of the operating system used.
The procedure involves the creation of a personal “electronic wallet” to be charged with various payment methods selectable from time to time in relation to your preferences. In particular:

Credit card: you can use your credit card without charge. The transaction will be effected through PayPal or Credit Institutions so no reference of your card will be registered;
Paypal: you can make payment using your paypal account in complete security;
Bank transfer: you will only need to make a bank transfer to the Iban that you will find by selecting the option in the app and using the code that will be provided to be included as the cause of the transfer itself;
Cash: You can recharge your cashier in cash at the Siat Srl front-office

From your electronic wallet you will be deducted the amount of fuel used for parking in relation to the actual parking time used.
Other services offered here such as hotels, train tickets, tickets for shows etc will not be charged on your electronic purse but will have to be paid from time to time in accordance with the anticipated ways individually.